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OUR STAND NO;   5253

As your solution partner for all kinds of playgrounds and Family Attractions products, we are pleased to welcome you at the fair. You can view the details of the Fair at www.familyattractionexpo.co.uk.


Professional Team

Our team is a young dynamic and perfectly matched team, which consists of experts in the field and can quickly produce solutions according to the customer's request.

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Creative & Original

We have an experienced and strong staff who will design the projects and playgrounds you plan to establish in your spaces.

We present your projects as original, fast and 3D presentation.

Design constitutes one of the most important works in terms of the installation of outdoor fitness Gym Equipment and indoor & outdoor playground equipment and the realization of the projects as desired.


Quality &
Respecting nature

Without compromising the quality of our products, we have taken the place we deserve in the market

with our policy that is suitable for nature and the environment,

we have made this permanent for years and still continue to be on the same path.


Industry Expertise

We offer our services to a large selection of establishments ranging from holiday resorts to hotels, municipalities, campsites or trailer parks.
We are constantly in touch and cooperation with numerous firms that operate within the industry.
We stand by your side as a solution partner for all products that you may wish to manufacture or sell.
We have served as a designated solution partner in the design, assembly and procurement of race or gaming tracks in various projects within the entertainment or media industries, such as Exatlon or Survivor. 
While you may choose to work with us at limited extents such as during project development phase or for consulting purposes, we are also capable of offering extensive cooperation in the form of turnkey projects.
Our executive team harbors over 20 years of experience in manufacturing.
We are capable of handling projects of all sizes using safe, high-quality and innovative products manufactured in the modern workshops of our brand partners ROBIWOOD and DOAPARK located in Istanbul.
We are confident in our capacity for the design, production and assembly of all games ranging from the Extreme to Adrenaline.
Our design, consulting, production and sales activities conform with EU safety standards such as EN 1176- EN 1177-  and EN 16630.

Brands we represent
We are currently working with brother brands that are experts in their field.
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